My farming company is at Brisighella, 400 metres above sea level. The soil is a clay and limestone mud with stony marl, and is rich in organic substances.

I decided to buy the farm in 2008, to satisfy a need that had become very strong for me. After working for ten years in other vineyards, I wanted to express my own sentiment and my own vision, as a producer and a vintner. I chose Brisighella because I find it to be a town set in a valley that is still unspoilt and where nature has remained intact, with its river, hills and olive groves, and its many woods.

The farm has four and a half hectares of vineyards, one hectare of pastureland and eleven hectares of woodland. The woodland is indispensable for the wellbeing of the agricultural and environmental system.

The main vine varieties are: Albana, Trebbiano, White Riesling, Chardonnay, Marsanne, Red Albana and Centesimino.

Philosophically I feel close to the natural wines movement, and personally I see wine as a spontaneous fruit of the land, influenced as little as possible by the technical operations of men. My company is an organic farm, certified by the ICEA Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute. For me, organic farming is a belief, and not something done just for convenience. I was already convinced of the effectiveness of this method twenty years ago, while I was still an agricultural student and began to understand the destructive impact of chemicals on the environment and on the healthiness of agricultural produce. Even then I was interested the agriculture of the early 1800s, when the fertilizer and pesticide industries were still unknown, and farmers knew how to interpret the soil with skills passed down for thousands of years.